UGC launches ‘CU-Selection’ portal for faculty recruitment in Central Universities Education

University Grants Commission Chairman M Jagadesh Kumar on Tuesday launched the Central University Faculty Recruitment Portal CU-Select and said that the CU-Select portal is completely user-friendly and caters to the needs of all stakeholders in the recruitment process.

UGC launches Unified Portal 'CU-CHOSEN' for Faculty Recruitment in Central Universities (PTI)
UGC launches Unified Portal ‘CU-CHOSEN’ for Faculty Recruitment in Central Universities (PTI)

Speaking to ANI, UGC Chairman M Jagadesh Kumar said, “The CU-Select portal is completely user-friendly and caters to the needs of all stakeholders in the recruitment process. UGC has made this portal a common platform for both the universities.” developed to create an enabling environment.and applicants of universities running all stages of recruitment independently.It is an integrated recruitment portal,specially designed and developed for faculty recruitment in Central Universities .

He added, “The portal provides a common platform for listing vacancies/advertisements/jobs across all Central Universities. The portal makes the recruitment process completely online, from application to screening, with alerts to all users of the portal “

UGC Chairman further mentioned that the portal also provides a personalized dashboard which will help in managing the process of applications.

“For the benefit of applicants, the platform offers several features, including a consolidated list of job openings across all participating universities, a single login to apply to any university, and to help manage the application process Includes personalized dashboard. Applicants can also search for jobs using various filters like university name, location, designation, category, subject, employment type, experience, education level, etc,” he told ANI.

“For universities, the platform provides real-time tracking of applications, customized admin dashboard and configurable advertising rules. It also enables a completely online process, including payment gateway, from initial application to screening, and includes Includes built-in email communication tools and online. Feedback and reference options for referees. In addition, the platform provides real-time analysis and insight into the application process. View details of university screening committee applicants, marks/research scores awarded by the system can check and upload the documents against each entry. The points and comments of the screening committee can also be entered in the portal itself,” he said.

He further said that the portal will not affect the autonomy of the Central Universities in the recruitment process.

“This portal will not affect CU’s autonomy in filling faculty positions. Using this portal, the Central University continues to advertise positions, collect online applications, shortlist applicants, conduct interviews and appoint faculty members All the above activities will be done through the admin dashboard for each university on this portal.”

“UGC will maintain this portal for the benefit of all CUs and there is not a centralized recruitment process for all CUs. All CUs will continue to have their autonomy in the recruitment process and all recruitments will be done by the respective CUs.” He added.

He also mentioned that the portal has been developed after consultation with all the Vice Chancellors of Central Universities.

The CU Chayan Portal has been developed in consultation with the Vice Chancellors of all CUs. Their feedback and inputs have been incorporated. Changes can be incorporated into the portal to customize it to take care of the specific needs of a CU. UGC will also provide training to CUs to use this portal. From now onwards applicants will have to apply on CU Selection Portal only for all the recruitments. All CUs need to deactivate their recruitment portal.”

When asked if this will affect the reservation system in recruitment, he told ANI, “The present reservation system will not be affected. Each university will continue to follow the reservation system of the Government of India and prepare their respective rosters as per DOPT rules.” ”

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