UGC launches Common Faculty Recruitment Portal for Central Universities

New Delhi:The University Grants Commission has launched CU-Chayan, a unified recruitment portal for the recruitment of teachers in central universities, its chairman Jagdish Kumar said on Tuesday.

University Grants Commission chairman M Jagadesh Kumar said the platform also enables universities to track applications in real time (PTI).
University Grants Commission chairman M Jagadesh Kumar said the platform also enables universities to track applications in real time (PTI).

Kumar said the portal will provide a common platform for listing vacancies across all Central Universities (CUs) and will shift the recruitment process completely online.

“The portal will provide a platform for candidates seeking jobs in central universities. They will register themselves on the portal and create a personalized dashboard for themselves. They will be able to track their applications in real time, as well as update their application and transfer it to any CU that has advertised faculty positions. Registered applicants will also receive an auto email informing about new vacancies advertised by any CU,” said Kumar.

The platform also enables universities to track applications in real time. “The portal will also provide real-time analysis and insight into the application process. The screening committee of the concerned university can view the details of the applicants and check the documents uploaded for each entry. The points and comments of the screening committee are also recorded on the portal. can be done,” he said.

“Using backend data analytics on the CU-Select portal, UGC will collect data on how many posts have been filled, how many vacancies are there, whether reservation is being followed as per rules etc. This will help UGC to fast track the CU-track the recruitment process,” said the UGC chairman.

At present, all 46 Central Universities conduct the recruitment process through their individual portals, and advertise vacancies on their official websites and newspapers.

With CU-Select, he said, the central universities would continue with the existing practice of advertising in newspapers, but they would “have to deactivate their recruitment portals”.

“In case of current recruitments for which advertisements have already been issued, the universities may proceed without using this portal. However, all future recruitments will be on this portal and applicants will have to apply only on the CU-Select portal.

A section of faculty members expressed concern about the attempt to centralize the recruitment process in central universities.

Abha Dev Habib, associate professor at Delhi University’s Miranda House College, said the portal should only be limited to providing applicants with information about jobs and facilitating them to apply.

“Attempts should not be made to centralize the process of application examination. No attempt should be made to form centralized section committees. Otherwise, it would be a complete violation of the autonomy of the central universities.”

Kumar responded to this concern, underlining that central universities will continue to advertise positions, collect online applications, shortlist applicants, conduct interviews and appoint faculty members, as they are currently doing.

“UGC will maintain this portal for the benefit of all CUs and it is not a centralized recruitment process for all CUs. The autonomy of all CUs will be maintained in the recruitment process and all recruitment will be done by the respective CUs.

Kumar said that the CU-Selection portal was developed in consultation with Vice Chancellors of Central Universities. “Their feedback and inputs have been incorporated. Changes can be incorporated in the portal to customize it to take care of the specific needs of a CU. UGC will also provide training to CUs to use this portal.

The UGC chairperson also clarified that the portal will not affect the reservation system in faculty recruitment. “Each university will continue to follow the reservation system of the Government of India and prepare its respective rosters as per the instructions of the Department of Personnel and Training, the nodal department for public recruitment.

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