JEE Main Exam 2023 Analysis: Day 6, Shift 1 Exam Over, Complete Analysis Here | competitive exams

The National Testing Agency, NTA has concluded JEE Main Exam 2023 on Day 6, Shift 1 today, April 13, 2023. The exam was conducted from 9 am to 12 noon.

JEE Main Exam 2023 Analysis: Day 6, Shift 1 exam over, complete analysis here (PTI/Representational Image)
JEE Main Exam 2023 Analysis: Day 6, Shift 1 exam over, complete analysis here (PTI/Representational Image)

The students who appeared in the exam found the paper to be of moderate level. Mathematics was of moderate difficulty while Physics was easy in all the three subjects.

The questions cover almost all the chapters of Class XI & XII CBSE Board. Students wise balanced paper in terms of coverage of chapters. Some students pointed out that this paper was a bit tougher than the paper held on 11th and 12th April 2023 in Physics and Chemistry.

Candidates who have appeared for the exam can check the complete analysis shared by Ramesh Batlish, Managing Partner & Head- FIITJEE Noida Centers below.

Mathematics – Moderate difficulty level. Questions were asked from all the chapters with more weightage to Coordinate Geometry and Algebra. Mixed concept questions were asked from Parabola, Circles, Ellipse, Hyperbola. Chapters on Algebra include Complex Numbers, Binomial Theorem, Progressions, Matrices and Determinants, Mathematical Reasoning, Statistics, Permutation and Combination, Probability, Areas (2 Questions), 3D Geometry (3 Questions). In Calculus – Functions, Indefinite Integration, Application of Derivatives, Areas, Differential Equations. There was a long calculation in the numerical section. Some questions were said to be tricky.

Physics – Easy level. Kinematics, Gravitation, Fluids, Heat and Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Rotational Motion, EM Waves, Electrostatics, Communication System, Magnetism, AC Circuit, Current Electricity, Error Analysis, Work Power and Energy, SHM and Waves, Modern Questions Questions Physics and Wave Optics. Numerical based questions were lengthy but easy. Overall, this section was balanced according to the students.

chemistry – Easy to moderate level. The weightage of inorganic and organic chemistry was more as compared to physical chemistry. Numerical based questions were mostly from Physical Chemistry – Solutions, Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, Ionic Equilibrium. Questions were also asked from S&P Block, Coordination Compounds, Surface Chemistry, Ores and Metallurgy. Some mixed concept questions were asked in Organic Chemistry related to Amines, Aldehydes and Ketones, Aryl and Alkyl Halides, GOCs, Polymers. Some students described Chemistry as time consuming and complicated.

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